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In 1996, a year after the death of their father, David Carson and his brothers faced a monumental decision: sell the company their father built from scratch or  keep it in the family. Carson’s oldest brother wanted to sell his shares to an outside buyer. Fearing a loss of family control, Carson offered an alternative. Many of the employees had been with the company for a very long time, so long in fact that they were considered extended family. They, too, wanted to see the business continue to thrive and grow. Why not offer them the opportunity for ownership?

Today Plus, Inc. continues as a family owned operation run by brothers David and Chris Carson, Danny Summers, Frank Gonzalez and John Campbell. A sixth partner retired in 2007, but remains as a silent partner. The partners and staff of Plus, Inc are carrying on the tradition of top-notch, high quality service to a business community that recognizes and values their expertise.

Technology has changed considerably since the company opened its doors in 1958. At that time, says David Carson, the company focused on typewriters and calculators and their products were found in nearly every business and home.

“Today, everything is ten times more complicated.” he says. The company has streamlined its product and service to include sales and service of copiers, printers and computer network products.” We’ve become completely business oriented.”

As a result, the service, skills and knowledge have also evolved. “We’ve gone from doing a good job on several things to a great job on a few core things,” adds Carson.

Each partner brings to the table a specific expertise, which allows the company to offer efficient, knowledgeable service. The availability of multiple local experts who can do more than “turn the screwdriver” is of utmost importance to Plus’ customers says Gonzalez, Computer Division manager. Also at the core of their success is that Plus, Inc is a trusted, well established company, the foundation of which is built on the respected Carson family name.

In addition to knowledge, experience and skills, the company’s staff and partners can boast of something else: exceptional customer service. Their multilevel partnership help to “ensure that the company owners remain motivated to care for the customers,” says Carson. This, combined with a 26 member staff of highly motivated employees, has set them apart from the competition.

The partners agree that excellent customer service is one reason why Plus, Inc. continues to successfully compete with the larger companies. While their competitors outsource customer service to facilities nationwide, the customers of Plus, Inc. enjoy the services of a locally owned, customer service oriented company.

“Large companies have to centralize their customer service. When you call Plus, Inc., you get a local person,” says Carson. “In a large company you may never speak to someone who cares, much less the president. We have good people who care about the customer.”

Inventory Manager Chris Carson concurs.” We try to go the extra mile because this is our life, our business.” Their success is evident. In less than 10years, the Staff and partners of Plus, Inc. have doubled the company’s revenues. But they are not settling at that level.  “We are a full-time, solution-focused company,” says Gonzalez. “Our team is the value we are offering to our customer.” Dad would be proud.
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