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Buying new office machines for a business can seem overwhelming with the wide variety of products available. In this day and age, technology evolves on a daily basis, so it is important to stay up-to-date. For David Carson, helping businesses buy new equipment is a daily service that gives his company great pride. --David Carson

Carson, president of Plus, Inc., has watched the company expand its service since childhood. His father, Herb Carson, made the initial push to establish the company in 1958." Back then he sold typewriters and adding machines, which helped him create the name of our company," Carson said.  The adding machines were very basic with plus and minus button, so he drew the name off the products he dealt with on a daily basis.

Carson began working for the company part-time in 1974 until 1995 when his father died. He and his two brothers took ownership of the company, and a year later one of brothers sold his shares, bringing the partnership to five. "When I started, I was making deliveries and cleaning bathrooms," he said.  "As I got older, I began taking a more active participation in the business, which prepared me for the position I am in today."

Today the company offers a variety of equipment including Konica-Minolta and Ricoh copiers, fax machine, computers, printers and network. Other service include troubleshooting and repairing computers, installing hardware upgrades and virus protection, troubleshooting and repairing network servers and installing and configuring windows-bases networks.

"Plus, Inc.'s maintains two goals to enhance the customer satisfaction. Our first goal is to grow the business on a consistent basis," Carson said. I like to have a 5to10 percent growth rate each year.  When his father passed away, the company's revenues were half of what they are today. "Our other goal is to continue with our tradition, which is our emphasis on customer service," he said.  This includes response time, face to face service and training.

This simplicity of the company's name has carried over into today as the employees make the complexity of a product seem simple to the customer. To stay up-to-date with the growing technology, Plus, Inc. periodically offers in house training to its customers. "Technology has changed so much over the years and when we first started, a typewriter was just a typewriter and a calculator just did the basic math function. Today you've got so many different things changing," Carson said.  "Our customers look to us for help because it can be very challenging when their equipment needs to be upgraded. We have a quality staff that is enthusiastic about the evolution of technology. They put forth their best efforts to stay in touch with our products so that the customer can also stay in touch."

It would seem that in a business like Plus, Inc., there would be many challenges to overcome, but Carson says the employees handle their job with quality and expertise. "We try to have fun but at the same time understand the importance of being productive," he said. "I try to make people realize they should enjoy what they do; otherwise they will be unhappy and that can cause an effect on the rest of the staff. There is a high stress level with our technology, but we balance out the seriousness and fun. You can't function today without the help of technology."
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